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Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Mysterious German U-Boat

I picked up a cool U-Boat off of eBay a few months back. As I'm almost done with my current crop of pulp figures, I decided it was time to start doing some research on this boat in preparation for assembling and painting it up.

I found a cool website ( that lists a whole bunch of information about various U-Boats used during WWII, but I couldn't find any pictures of anything that resembled my boat. After a failed trip to the library and multiple failed online searches, I did what I had to do and turned to my gaming buds for help. John happily found a picture of the iconic WWII U-Boat, completely missing that mine resembled nothing like the picture. The rest of the group came up empty, when my main black belt search-fu master Nils came up with a picture from the original manufacturer of the sub ( She's a WWI sub. Doh! No wonder I was coming up empty. I was stuck looking for a WWII U-Boat.

Looking at the picture from Brigade Games, I noticed that there model has a deck gun. Feeling lucky, I sent them an email asking if I could purchase the deck gun from them. Being the top-notch lads that they are, the offered to send me the deck gun for just the cost of postage. Talk about great customer service! Of course, they also pointed out that they have several sets of U-Boat crew as well....Just when I thought I was done getting Germans....

Oh and they have the merchant sailors I've been looking for as well....Sigh....It looks like I might as well pull together a full order to properly outfit my sub.

The only part of my sub that I don't have down in my head yet is the railing around the conning tower. I'm still mulling over how to pull that off. Feel free to post any suggestions below.

Oh, here are some pictures of my sub. Do note that she's not assembled in the slightest.

I'm also still trying to figure out where to put the dive planes as this is a waterline model. I'm not totally convinced that I need to put them on. Thoughts?

Monday, October 3, 2011

Darryl's World

My buddy Daryl finally joined the modern age & started his own blog. Darryl's one amazing terrain builder, gamer & all around swell guy.

Go check it out.