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Friday, December 30, 2011

Werewolves and Vampires, Oh My!

Mike and Alan from the Sac gamers hosted an awesome weird wars game today and invited Ethan and I to attend. Here are some shots at the start of the game. IMAG0178 "A view from the German's edge of the game board. Hmmm...... I wonder what evil lurks in the cemetery? IMAG0179 Gamers preparing for the assault. IMAG0180 "Did I see something's move in the mausoleum?" IMAG0181 A shot of the center of the cemetery. IMAG0182 One half of the Germans set up and ready to go. I wonder why there's a swamp here? IMAG0183 The center of the line led by the ferocious, if cautious, Alpha, with the Beta squad to the right. IMAG0185 A close up of the cemetery. IMAG0186 The assault begins. IMAG0187 The line reaches the stream. IMAG0188 "Vas ist das?" IMAG0189 The specialist squad commanded by Nils supported by Alan's squad prepare to receive a charge by a zombie horde. Lots of zombies dominated this game. Lots and lots of zombies. Not that I'm bitter that my squad got blown to smithereens on turn two by a zombie wave. Nope not the tiniest bit bitter. IMAG0190 The sole survivor beta wolf supported by one of the support squads makes zombie chow. IMAG0191 "looks like the weapon crate sir!" IMAG0192 Zombie jamboree......Again.....Sigh....... IMAG0195 More zombies? Really? IMAG0196 "Look they have ammo over there. Quick double time!" IMAG0197 "Knock, knock. Anyone home?" IMAG0198 Zombies shuffle, but no brains are in sight..... Poor zombies. IMAG0198 The Germans yield the left flank and sprint for bigger guns. Run Stanley run! IMAG0200 The last German unit fights off yet another zombie swarm. IMAG0202 The summoner and summoned fight off the Poles. IMAG0203 The summoner summons Krampus himself to bring the pain train to the vampires. IMAG0207 Krampus takes on the last vampire. All in all it was a great game. I want to thank Mike and Alan for hosting a great game.