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Monday, August 22, 2011

10mm Orc Fort---Part II

OK for those reading this time will seem to have flown into seconds, but this really took place over a week to get from where I left off in my first post to where we are in this post.

Thanks to some help from Thomas, the fort has gone from this:

To this:

Well, OK I did paint the rock wall black, but the real magic was done by Thomas using modeling paste for the dirt and mud sections and coarse pumice gel for the the grassy sections. That's all that's been done between those two photos. It's almost good enough to toss on the table, but not quite....

Here's a close up of the top hill and you can really see the texture Thomas added. Nice work Thomas and I've picked up a couple of tricks while watching the master at work in his workshop.

In this shot, I've painted the stakes around the perimeter and added a bit flocking to cover up the large gap between the two halves on the top hill. I've also started working up the stone wall a bit. The brave lads of Local 3255 are marching around the interior perimeter looking for interlopers.

Here's a close up shot.

Sunday afternoon was such a nice day out that I took the fort outside for some finishing touches, that and I'm still picking rocks out of the carpet in the family room from when I built the rock wall and decided that I had generated enough domestic issues for one week. :-)

I've worked up the grass colors, added some static grass and repainted for the third time the fighting step. I took some advice from Aron and I like how it's turned out. I'll leave you with two last shots of the fort. All that's left is to build a gatehouse, which will be a stand alone piece, and she's ready to go for the next round of fighting.


  1. Really well done. Keep at it, can't wait to see what comes next here.

  2. Huzzah! Nice work. I feel inspired to build a fort for my own greenskins now! It looks fantastic btw.

  3. Looks Great Brian- I can't wait to storm it away from you!


  4. Thanks for the encouragement. Unfortunately, without a gate or gatehouse this fort is a wee bit vulnerable. I'm working on redressing that now.