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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pirates! Pacificon 2011 Pictures

Here are some photos from the game I ran at Pacificon over Labor Day weekend with the aid of the inestimable Captain Foss and the indefatiguable Admiral Stanley.

Here is a shot from the start of the game.

Here is another shot

The Eye preparing to receive the dwarf assault.

Goblin captains plot their approach.

A brief break in the action. A young captain in training checks on the goblin deployment.

Another shot of the table, this time focused on the dwarf ships steaming to meet the goblin relief forces.
The dwarves have finally hit the beach.

Hard to port! Oops hard to starboard! Too late. All hands brace for impact! Two goblin captains make errant turns into each other or had the referee been paid off by the dwarves to slow the goblin advance?

What happend to all the of the dwarves and goblins on the island? A pile of bodies tells a sad tale.

Goblins prepare to leave the mother ship and row to shore to the island.

The S.S. Iron Pants steams past one goblin gunship. The dwarf galleas plots its bow cannon shot.

S.S Iron Pants lines up it's next shots, while two goblin subs slip past.

Oh no a squid! Who brought squid to this fight?

An ironclad steams to stop the green menace!

Ack another squid and two menacing pencils!

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